For all the years that the Lantern has been in circulation, we’ve always done it the old-school way: paper and ink. 2018, however, is the year of change. If you’re reading this, you’re on our new online platform (congratulations).

This year’s topic for the online Lantern magazine is affirmative action. All articles are written from the perspective of teenagers, something that we thought was worth putting out to the world. To those who have read past issues of the Lantern, this may seem like a 180-degree turn, but this new incarnation of the Lantern is aiming for a bigger perspective. A perspective that looks at the US and how this new generation of Asian-Americans fit into it. I, and the rest of the Lantern writers, hope you enjoy the following articles and return for more in the coming year.

By Julianne Sun, Editor in Chief


William Chen

Michael Lin

Julianne Sun

Sophie Tian

Zidao Wang

Emily Zhang

Daniel Zhu


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