Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is an organization of Milwaukee Chinese Community Center (MCCC), a non-profit organization that is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MCCC’s goals are to showcase and promote Chinese culture in the Greater Milwaukee area to help — together with local communities — build a diverse cultural environment in Greater Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. YLA provides a platform for the youth in the community to embrace their organizational and leadership skills, while broadcasting Chinese culture by organizing and volunteering at various community events and services such as Rock ‘N Sole, Dragon Boat Festival, Holiday Folk Fair, and China Lights, to name a few. YLA currently has eight teams under its wings with members from 6th grade to 12th grade. Parents, families, and volunteers from the community are of strong support to our members.

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The President and Vice-Presidents of YLA.

Zidao WangPresident
Mia LeeVice President of YLA Booths
Emily WangVice President of Finance and Administration
Lisa WongVice President of Special Project or Event

outreach team

Members organize media outreach and relations.

Eric WanChair 
Sophia HoCo-Chair
Becky HoCo-Chair
Buwei ChenCo-Chair
Max HongCo-Chair
Nathenal RenCo-Chair
Jasmine XuCoordinator
Rucheng PanCoordinator

Art Team

Members procure and sell Chinese art. This booth participates in the Dragon Boat Festival, the Holiday Folk Fair, and Chinese New Year at the Domes.

Sophia HoChair
Erica ChenCo-Chair
Buwei ChenCo-Chair
Becky HoCo-Chair
Kathy SunCoordinator
Cynthia YanCoordinator
Michelle XieCoordinator
Zoe LiCoordinator

Culture Team

Members gather, organize, and present information on Chinese culture at the Holiday Folk Fair. During remaining events, members volunteer at other booths.

Alexander GeChair
Anna HuangCo-Chair
Cindy LiuCo-Chair
Julia CaoCo-Chair
Alan ZhongCoordinator
Kevin LiCoordinator
Joy zhangCoordinator
Ruthie YuCoordinator
Cynthia YuCoordinator

Food Team

Members contact restaurants, transport food, prepare food and sell Chinese foods at events. This booth participates in the Dragon Boat Festival, the Holiday Folk Fair, and Chinese New Year at the Domes.

Kevin NiuChair
Max HongChair
Andy LiuChair
Jocelyn LiaoChair
Juliette ZhuSenior Advisor
Derek ZengCo-Chair
Devin ZengCo-Chair
Jennier HongCo-Chair
Tim WangCo-Chair
Jeffrey ZhaoCo-Chair
Adrienne LeeCo-Chair
Ethan ZhangCoordinator
Alexander LiCoordinator
Daniel ZhuCoordinator
Irene LiCoordinator
Selina WangCoordinator

Kids Activities Team

Members sell traditional Chinese toys such as the Chinese yo-yo and shuttlecock and set up children’s activities at events. This booth participates in the Dragon Boat Festival, the Holiday Folk Fair, and Chinese New Year at the Domes.

Amie LiChair
Geoffrey XueSenior Advisor
Casie LiCo-Chair
Grady MaCo-Chair
Emily ChengCo-Chair
Annie MaoCo-Chair
Ashley MaCoordinator
Michael LinCoordinator
Emily LiuCoordinator

Lantern Magazine

Members write and publish articles for the Lantern magazine, and are also responsible for contacting sponsors. This booth does not participate in events, so members volunteer for other booths or work at set-up/registration.

Zidao WangEditor in Chief
Eric Wan Associate Editor
Zhiyu ZhangAssociate Editor
Daniel ZhuAssociate Editor
Sophia HoAssociate Editor
Becky HoAssociate Editor
Buwei ChenAssociate Editor
Mia LeeAssociate Editor
Ruthie Yu Subject Editor
Cynthia Yu Subject Editor
Julianne SunSubject Editor
Ethan ZhangSubject Editor
Irene LiSubject Editor
Nathenal RenSubject Editor
Raymond WangSubject Editor

Marketing Team

Members obtain and sell Chinese products, including toys, clothing, fans, etc. This booth participates in the Dragon Boat Festival, the Holiday Folk Fair, and Chinese New Year at the Domes. ​​

Kevin JiChair
Julianne SunSenior Advisor
Raymond WangCo-Chair
Grace DaiCo-Chair
Michael ChenCoordinator

Performance Team

Members organize performances and schedules at each event. ​

Helena ZhaoChair
Ruthie LinCoordinator
Zhiyu ZhangCoordinator
Jasmine XuMember
Kosta VolakisMember
Ariana ZhaoMember
Amy HuMember

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Upcoming Events

College Application Seminar

July 4th Parade

Dragon Boat Festival

China Light

Holiday Folk Fair

MCCC Chinese New Year Celebration


YLA 2019 Kickoff & Bonding Event- March 16, 2019


YLA Out Reach to Mequon School District – Aug 19, 2018

MMCS CBY Celebration – Feb. 3, 2018


Dragon Boat Festival – August 12, 2017


Brookfield Parade – July 4, 2017

Rock ‘n Sole Run – June 10, 2017

Kickoff Meeting – June 03, 2017

College Application Seminar – May 21, 2017

Chinese New Year Gala – February 12, 2017


​Milwaukee International Folk Fair – November 18-20, 2016

China Lights – ​October 14-16, 2016

Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festival – ​July 30, 2016

Dragon Boat Practice – July 25/27, 2016

YLA Bonding – ​July 9, 2016

Rock ‘n Sole – June 11, 2016

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 Email: support@ylausa.com
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