This national essay competition is led purely by Chinese-American high school students who are dedicated to bringing out the best of the Chinese-American community. In addition, it is sponsored by MCCC (Milwaukee Chinese Community Center), the Lantern magazine, YLA (Youth Leadership Academy), and various other individuals and organizations who are all devoted towards expanding the development of the Chinese community.


The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world where the population is a mix of almost every ethnicity. When it comes to discussing topics like diversity and the mixing of cultures, the U.S. is one the best places to see how everything comes together. For that reason, the Lantern is hosting an essay competition in which we invite participants to share an experience where Chinese-American culture has positively impacted them or their community. From games to sports to food, Chinese culture has spread in such a way where almost everyone has had some contact with it. The preparation of dumplings is an excellent example of a traditional culinary activity. Its preparation and consumption not only brings everyone in the Chinese community together but is an experience that can be effortlessly shared with newcomers. From the conceiving of the fragrant filling to the molding of the dough into thin sheets, no one is left idle. My family used to make dumplings every Sunday night. No matter how busy each of us were with homework, we would all eventually come together at the dinner table to make dumplings together. When it comes time to eat, all eyes gravitate towards this conventional Chinese dish. Compliments are issued about the artistry of the intricate folds, and everyone easily eats seven to ten dumplings. Cultural traditions like this are oddly talented at bringing people together, regardless of what cultures they come from. These things aren’t complicated, but they can be powerful. With that, we encourage you to write about any Chinese-American cultural experience that has positively impacted you or your community.

The flier of this competition can be downloaded in following:

To participate this essay competition, please submit your essay with your name, grade and state to between August 15 and September 30, 2019.